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Nippon Maritime Bank

NMB is a finance arranger specialized in Shipping with a wide presence in the Japanese market.

Our presence in addition to our Money Lending and Finance Instrument License allows us to offer you more creative and reliable finance schemes.


Our services can be separated
into the three core categories of Money Lending, Financial Instruments and Shipbrokering.
Below is an elaborate explanation of each of our services.

Service 01Money Lending

NMB provides direct loans to foreign shipping companies, not only for new acquisition purposes from the second-hand market but additionally for refinancing your existing fleet.

What we offer might seem similar to direct funding from banks, but our funding source is individual investor capital, rather than depositor capital. This allows us to execute loans with added value compared to conventional banks.

In addition, due to NMB’s great relationships with certain Japanese financial institutions, we can create further value to our service by forming syndicate loans with such financial institutions toward a larger project.

Service 02Financial
Instruments Service

The Japanese Operating Lease Call Option, known as “JOLCO” is already well-known and proven scheme among foreign shipping companies.

As a registered “Type II financial instrument business operator” in Japan, NMB can form JOLCO schemes by soliciting investment from domestic corporate investors.

Typically, JOLCO arrangers can only do projects that meet bank-like criteria, whereas NMB has wide group of shipping experienced staff, which allows us to tackle shipping-like projects that other arrangers would not attempt.

Service 03Ship broking

Japanese ship owners have a great relationship with local banks. The number of Sales & Lease back transactions that have been done indicate that the service provided by Japanese Shipowners is very attractive to foreign shipping companies.

NMB also provides a broking service to match you and Japanese ship owners. We believe our broking is unique in that we also offer assistance in-between ship owners and local banks.

Lastly the most notable part of NMB is that we not only offer these 3 services independently, but we can also combine them in one new product. A combination such as “Japanese Shipowners + NMB mezzanine finance + Local bank senior finance” among many other examples leaves room for infinite possibilities.

If you are interested in us, please contact one of your closest ship brokers to approach us, or contact us directly to be introduced to our panel brokers.

Track Record

No. 40 - Reefer Vessel

Mortgage Finance
265,000 cubic ft
Shipping company

No. 39 - Cruise Vessel

Mortgage Finance
1,600 Pax
Shipping company

No. 38 - Reefer Vessel

Mortgage Finance
265,000 cubic ft
Shipping company
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We value the cooperation between our investors and shipping companies and are committed to building mutually growing partnerships.

We are professionals who have been engaged in the ship brokerage business for many years.

We have started this unique service of specialized ship financing by utilizing our knowledge of the ship brokerage business.

We have also been able to provide a unique service of specialized ship finance by joining with other professionals in the finance and investment industry.

The service we provide is a one-of-a-kind service that can only be offered by professionals in the shipping, finance, and investment industries.

President of Nippon Maritime BankMasashi Hiruta


Name of Company
Nippon Maritime Bank, Co., Ltd.
Establishment Date
February 14, 2020
Capital Stock
85,000,000 yen
Masashi Hiruta
Board member

Masahiro Hiruta
Norimichi Kurakake
Shunji Jimbo

Independent Director
Hiromu Abe

Takatoshi Hayase

Type II financial instruments business
Money lending business
Ship sales and purchase broking
Ship charter broking
Company Adress
3F Dai-2 Nakamura Bldg. 2-9-5 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Type II Financial Instruments Business Kanto Finance Bureau Director-General (Kinsho) No. 3308
Money Lending Business Tokyo Governor (2) No. 31818
Member Organization
Type II Financial Instruments Firms Association
Japan Financial Services Association
Ocean Trust co.,Ltd 69.24%
Tachibanaya Co., Ltd 7.69%
Kimura Shoji Co., Ltd 7.69%
Masashi Hiruta 3.845%
United Sky Shipping Pte Ltd 3.845%
Other individuals 7.69%
About Fiduciary Duty
Regulations Concerning Fiduciary DutyPDF

Access / Contact

Company Adress

3F Dai-2 Nakamura Bldg. 2-9-5 Shinkawa,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

From Tokyo Station

  1. Take the Yaesu Exit and proceed east.
  2. Go straight down Yaesu Street and cross the Kamejima Bridge.
  3. Cross the Kamejima Bridge and turn right onto Metropolitan Route 408.
  4. Enter the street and you will see the Nakamura Building on your right.Use the elevator and go up to the 3rd floor.

From Hatchobori Station

  1. Take Exit B4 at Hatchobori Station and cross the Takabashi Bridge.
  2. After crossing the Takabashi Bridge, turn left onto Metropolitan Route 408.
  3. Enter the street and you will see the Nakamura Building on your left.Use the elevator and go up to the 3rd floor.